We develop all projects in house, even the most complex ones: our customers simply provide the specifications (such as the mechanical dimensions that the circuits must respect and the functions to be developed depending on the product) so that Inel can prepare a complete project, with constant and active discussions with Inel’s engineers and specialised technicians.

We study and create the components to be used based on available space, the electronic diagram and the control software.

When we step in at an already advanced design phase, we also offers consulting services to propose changes and improvements that will maximise our customers’ business and production goals.
We base electronic design on reference standards, and our customers can count on all the assistance they require to obtain EMC, TUV and IMQ certifications.

Inel is an innovative and efficient system integrator thanks to our industrial automation department, which uses custom circuit boards made in house.

Inel’s electronics division handles:


  • Preliminary studies of the system to be created
  • Selection of components to use (integrated, microprocessors, etc.)
  • Preparation of technical documentation to be provided to the customer

We conduct all projects with a specialfocus on machine safety in compliance with Directive 89/392 EEC, electromagnetic compatibility according to Directive 89/336 EEC, and harmonisation of low-voltage materials under Directive 73/23 EEC.


  • Control, supervision and data management software analysis and development
  • Electronic systems testing
  • Initial system testing at Inel
  • Final application testing at the customer’s premises or with remote assistance
  • Staff training and after-sales support
  • Drafting of necessary documentation (operating logic, operator’s manual, program listing, etc.)


  • Hardware control circuits
  • Software operation check
  • Test bench
  • Official commissioning

Thanks to our experience and constant investment in training, Inel Elettronica’s specialised staff meet every specific customer need expertly and with professionalism.