The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the future of the modern, efficient and sustainable enterprise. Inel Elettronica works with leading machine manufacturers and users to create complex and interconnected systems for a variety of business areas, integrating functions such as:

  • order and resource management for industrial processes
  • production phase execution and control
  • raw material, machinery and finished product traceability
  • data and information collection to monitor and improve competitiveness

We can propose systems for Industry 4.0 only if we belong to Industry 4.0 ourselves.

That’s why Inel Elettronica has adopted sophisticated internal organisation and control systems, such as the vertical automatic warehouse integrated with the company CMS to track incoming and outgoing components and components on account for manufacture. This adds significant value for our business customers who require software and hardware traceability during support phases.

If you want to evolve your business to Industry 4.0, Inel Elettronica has all the skills necessary to support you along this innovative and profitable path: we have already done so with other companies. We can do it with you, too.

The future begins now!