Inel Elettronica was founded in 1988 following over a decade of experience in the industrial automation field. Its significant know-how was established on the front lines throughout the sector’s development, ever since the installation of the first microprocessors that computerised and mechanised production processes.

The company is located in the province of Vicenza, in the heart of a world-renowned goldsmithing district. It is here that growing demand for innovation pushes Inel Elettronica to invest in increasingly sophisticated technological solutions to satisfy its customers’ demands for the precision, quality and control that have always typified the working of metals and precious stones.

Since its creation, it has been growing constantly, sector by sector, specialising in a variety of fields including medical, dentistry and driving. It has also developed significant experience in the control of brushless and linear motors and – more broadly – in the creation of automatic control systems for both simple and complex industrial processes, with a preference for systems with high precision drivers.

Today, Inel is a SYSTEM INTEGRATOR thanks to its two main in-house divisions, one dedicated to automation and the other to industrial electronics. We devised this innovative business model to guarantee complete service, from the design of intelligent industrial automation systems to the direct production of all of the components necessary to build them, with a clear focus on Industry 4.0 and new IoT systems.


Inel Elettronica coordinates a team of over twenty professionals, both in-house and outsourcers, and is backed by engineers, specialised technicians and developers, as well as a hand-picked network of highly experienced external partners, with long-standing partnerships. Inel has devised an efficient and flexible structure to meet the demands of the most diverse sectors, serving both small and medium-sized enterprises and large industrial groups.

That’s why Inel Elettronica’s systems are increasingly appreciated and used when creating major works all over the world!

Quality, durability and security

Suppliers must be chosen with care when creating high-performance and efficient components and equipment not only for the short term, but above all, for the long term.