Inel Elettronica is an electrical and electronic component system integrator for industrial automation.

Through our consolidated collaboration with leaders in the production of automatic machines, Inel has been transformed from a laboratory to an increasingly qualified and structured company.

This means that we’re no longer simply operators, but qualified partners offering our own experience in every design and construction phase of a new machine, from mechanical to electrical, including the choice of motors and devices.

In addition to electrical design, Inel develops software and user interfaces, developing and testing each process both internally and on site with the customer. We pay special attention to the user experience to provide a functional and intuitive control system with a modern and refined design.

Thanks to our dedicated electronics department, we can offer quick, innovative and personalised solutions for the most varied industrial automation requirements.

Inel Elettronica uses highly reliable systems and devices to guarantee maximum system efficiency, including for the long term.

PLC and electronic systems

> Mitsubishi PLC
> Siemens PLC – TIA Portal
> Safety Sick PLC
> Mitsubishi CNC
> Sipro CNC


> Weintek operator panels
> Siemens operator panels
> Schneider/ Pro-face operator panels


> Servo Drive Mitsubishi
> Servo Drive Moons’
> Servo Drive SEW
> Inverter Mitsubishi
> Inverter Schneider


Made by Inel

Because every customer has specific needs,va standard system will never be able adapt to every situation. That’s why Inel Elettronica develops and integrates its custom solutions with existing commercial systems, offering exclusive functions to satisfy our customers’ individual requirements.


At Inel, we support our customers in commissioning or upgrading old systems, maintaining them and upgrading their components. Revamping is one of the strengths of the services offered by Inel thanks to the know-how we have developed in this sector and our staff’s high degree of technical preparation.